In the heart of Tromsø, Norway, two distinctive AirBnB apartments, Polar Night and Frozen Sun, redefine luxury short-term rentals, encapsulating the essence of the polar night and the sun’s return. These apartments, situated atop a residential building with a unique elevator entrance, provide an unmatched rental concept tailored for an international high-end market. Their distinctiveness lies not only in their location but also in the meticulously executed design that blends luxury with the natural allure of Norway.

Project Overview: Polar Night and Frozen Sun at Vervet

In 2022, a visionary project was brought to life, transforming the top floor into two opulent apartments, each telling a tale of Norway’s captivating contrasts. With a footprint covering living lounges with fireplaces, open kitchens, dining areas, balconies, three bedrooms, and lavish bathrooms, these apartments are a testament to luxury living.

Frozen Sun: A Crisp and Airy Haven

Inspired by the magical return of the sun after the polar night, Frozen Sun is a sanctuary of light and elegance. Its design, a harmonious blend of monotone whites accented with brass and ice blue shades, reflects the breathtaking landscape enveloped in snow and ice. Every element, from the bright light fixtures to the airy textures, is chosen to enhance the luxurious feel while paying homage to the natural beauty of the region.

Polar Night: An Enigmatic and Intimate Retreat

Polar Night delves into the mystique of the polar night, offering a tranquil yet dynamic ambiance through dim, soft lighting, luxurious marble, and brass details. It captures the essence of the Arctic winter, creating an intimate space that reflects the serene and spellbinding winter landscape, adorned by the dance of the Aurora Borealis.

Design Philosophy: Tailored Elegance Meets Northern Mystique

The design process was comprehensive, involving client meetings, site visits, and meticulous selection of materials and furnishings. The choice of Scandinavian lighting and Italian wallpapers, along with furniture and accessories from K&K, underscores the commitment to quality and uniqueness. The incorporation of themes - Polar Night's dark, moody ambiance, and Frozen Sun's light, refreshing aura - showcases a deep understanding of the environment and client aspirations.

Conclusion: Redefining Luxury in Short-term Rentals

These apartments not only offer a luxurious stay but also provide guests with an immersive experience into the Norwegian way of life during the extreme seasons. The attention to detail and the thematic approach to design make Polar Night and Frozen Sun stand out in the market, offering visitors a unique and memorable stay.

These case studies underscore the importance of integrating thematic concepts with high-end design to create spaces that are not just places to stay but experiences to be lived in. Through this approach, K&K sets a new benchmark in luxury rentals, offering guests unparalleled experiences in the heart of Norway.

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