Executive Summary

Kit&Kaboodle took on an ambitious project in Abu Dhabi, which involved the design, furnishing, and delivery of 312 three-bedroom apartments in the Leaf Tower, completed within a five-month period. This case study outlines the project's scope, challenges, solutions, and outcomes, highlighting Kit&Kaboodle's expertise in commercial furnishing, furniture manufacturing, and interior design across the Middle East. It demonstrates our commitment to quality, design innovation, and efficient project management, which significantly increased the property's value and rental income.

Project Overview

The Leaf Tower project represented a significant opportunity for Kit&Kaboodle to establish a strong presence in the Middle East's commercial furnishing sector. The task was to fully furnish 312 three-bedroom apartments, focusing on high-quality, cost-effective solutions that cater to the modern urban lifestyle. This project required a precise blend of global sourcing, innovative design, and meticulous project management to meet the tight deadline without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.

Challenges and Solutions

Design and Prototyping

The unique architectural design of Leaf Tower, with its ‘fidget spinner’ shape and curved facade windows, posed significant challenges in furnishing the apartments to complement this uniqueness. The design team initiated the project by developing prototypes that would ensure optimal use of space, enhance air circulation, and align with the building's aesthetic. This involved close collaboration with engineers and architects to refine the designs, ensuring functionality without sacrificing style.

Material Sourcing and Manufacturing

Kit&Kaboodle leveraged its global manufacturing network to source materials and furniture that met our high standards for quality and design. Ensuring consistency across materials sourced from different parts of the world was paramount. Our teams worked diligently with manufacturers in Europe and Asia, facilitating a seamless integration of design elements and maintaining a cohesive look throughout the apartments. This global sourcing strategy was instrumental in achieving competitive pricing while upholding quality.

Interior Design and Execution

The client's requirement for a neutral, light, and airy theme guided the interior design process. The decision to introduce contrasting colours, such as rusty red and organic green, was made to enrich the interiors with depth and warmth. These colours were carefully applied in elements like cushions, carpets, and artwork, enhancing the overall aesthetic and complementing the natural light within the apartments. Adjustments, such as shifting from stark white to a more comforting beige taupe for the walls, were made to align with the desired ambiance.

Key Outcomes and Impact

Enhanced Property Value and Rental Income

The comprehensive furnishing and design solutions provided by Kit&Kaboodle resulted in a noticeable increase in the property's market value and appeal, leading to higher rental income. The quality of the products and the cohesive interior design have been praised by the client and prospective tenants alike, affirming the project's success.

Client Satisfaction

The client expressed high satisfaction with the final outcome, noting the quality of the products and the professionalism of Kit&Kaboodle's team. The project not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting a new standard for commercial property development in the region.

Professional Growth and Learning

The Leaf Tower project served as a significant learning experience for Kit&Kaboodle, enhancing our technical knowledge and project management skills. It has prepared us for future projects of similar or greater complexity, further solidifying our position as a leader in the commercial furnishing sector.


The Leaf Tower project underscores Kit&Kaboodle's ability to manage and deliver large-scale furnishing projects efficiently and effectively. Through innovative design, strategic global sourcing, and rigorous project management, we have achieved a remarkable transformation that has significantly increased the property's value and appeal. As we move forward, we remain committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective furnishing solutions for commercial developers, building contractors, and property owners across the globe.

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